Remove student and faculty anxiety and return safely this fall.
With IHP’s “Return to Learn - COVID-19 University Testing Program,” your institution is benefitting from 30+ years of health and pandemic preparedness experience, allowing your students to return to campus quickly and safely.
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COVID-19 Return to Learn
Get your campus back up and running 
while ensuring Health and Safety.
COVID-19 has created an environment of health insecurity leading to a disruption in quality education. With a lack of clear direction, COVID Task Force leaders are uncertain of the optimal way to get back on campus while at the same time ensuring the health of their students and faculty. It’s stressful and overwhelming.

Led by Dr. Jonathan Spero, CEO of IHP, the Return to Learn Program is based on a proven strategy of Health Security taken right out of the global public health playbook. It offers the most effective and timely pathway for universities to safely return their students and faculty to campus - ensuring educational continuity and opportunities for in-person collaboration. Key components of the solution include temperature checks, PCR (virus) testing, pooled testing, on-site healthcare, telemedicine, HIPAA compliant data repository, and a comprehensive plan for dealing with COVID outbreaks. 

Temperature Checks

PCR (Virus) Testing

Pooled Testing

On-Site Healthcare


HIPAA Complient Employee Data Repository

Comprehensive Plan for COVID-19 Outbreaks

About InHouse Physicians

InHouse Physicians has been protecting the health of employees for over 30 years with our worksite clinic solutions. Our COVID-19 pandemic strategies are being utilized by some of the largest corporations in the world including Intel, Visa, McDonald's, Merck, Abbott, Genentech, Gilead, Mass Mutual, Prudential, Lincoln Financial, and many more.


"Thank you so much for your continued partnership with Opus. Your team’s support with the medical emergency we had onsite was so valuable and went beyond just medical care. The thoughtful nature with which the onsite team supported the patient was so appreciated. I really respect the professionalism and expertise of you and your team!
- Ke'ili Deal, Opus Agency 
"IHP is a trusted partner and is an integral component of our event security plans. It’s very comforting to our employees when they see IHP is supporting their event. They’ve always been extremely professional and provide outstanding support from start to finish that includes transparent cost estimates, Medical Contingency Planning, and a final Medical Summary Report."
-Director, Global Security,
Takeda Pharmaceuticals
It is such a relief to have a reliable physician on staff with us… and our employees love having IHP available for their medical needs. The staff is amazing and extremely easy to work with. They come fully prepared to handle the issues that come their way.
-Meeting Planner, Merck

“IHP has been a trusted partner of McDonald’s for 10+ years. Their attention to details, planning and selecting the appropriate professionals is best in class…their preparation, response and communications protocols enables my staff to focus on other areas.”
 -Chief Safety & Security Officer, McDonald’s

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